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Wilford Community Group meets each month to discuss local issues, plan community events and ensure Wilford is a great place to live. Find out more here

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Wilford Community Group:

The Community Group was established in 2002, with the following aims:

  • To promote the interests of tenants and residents and campaign for improvements to housing conditions, services and the environment
  • To encourage the involvement of tenants and residents in the presentation and improvement of Wilford’s amenities
  • To provide representation of the interests of tenants and residents when dealing with Local Authorities and other bodies
  • To organise local events to encourage a community spirit

The Group is run by an elected Committee and holds monthly meetings which are open to all    Wilford residents.  The Group is closely associated with the Iremongers Pond Association lending its support to this worthwhile ongoing community project. 

Our Constitution can be found here



Wilford Community Group meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month, at 7.30pm in The Ferry Inn. Meetings are well attended by our local Councillors, and we often invite guests from the Community to join us, such as the Principal of Emmanuel School, local Police officers and other Community leaders. 



Meeting Date:                  Minutes Document:   
16th October 2017 Minutes
20th November 2017 Minutes
15th January 2018       Minutes
19th February 2018 Minutes 
19th March 2018  Minutes 
16th April 2018     Minutes
21st May 2018    Minutes
18th June 2018     Minutes